MelCOR Governance

MelCOR operations and governance is broken into three separate groups:

  • Steering Committee – MelCOR’s Steering Committee is comprised of individuals with expertise in melanoma care and research, and is entrusted with overall governance of MelCOR. It is responsible for providing strategic direction, and to ensure that the goals and outcomes of the registry align with the requirements – legal, ethical and clinical – of melanoma care and research in Australia.
  • Executive Committee – The Executive Committee comprises a small subset of the Steering Committee. It’s entrusted to make decisions that are beyond the scope of the operations team, but require a response within a time frame that the Steering Committee cannot meet. It also supports the Operations Team, and keeps the Steering Committee and other stakeholders informed of of the project’s progress. In addition, the Executive Committee reviews and distributes all public facing news and announcements.
  • Operations Team – The Operations team is responsible for the day to day management of MelCOR. It is governed by the agreements and policies outlined by the Steering Committee.


MelCOR is a project registered with the Office of Ethics & Research Governance at Alfred Health, which has assessed the project and approved it such that it can be accepted by other institutional HRECs using the National Mutual Acceptance (NMA) Scheme. MelCOR is conducted in accordance with the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research.


For complaints relating to the ethics of MelCOR, please contact the Alfred Health HREC Office/Complaints contact person:

Position: Complaints Officer, Office of Ethics & Research Governance, Alfred Health
Telephone: (03) 9076 3619
Please quote the project ID Number: 58280